The difference between the most shocking news stories of 2018 and the biggest is that the 11 items listed here had an immediate impact. A death, a secret, an arrest, a close call and a confession that brought tabloid attention — they all make this list of country music news stories that had us saying O-M-G.

Carrie Underwood, Eric Church, Tim McGraw and Keith Urban are four of the country superstars who make this list of the 11 Most Shocking Country Music Moments of 2018. Each did something or said something extraordinary this year — we're not going to spoil the list by telling you who brought good news and who brought bad news, but be warned that there is plenty of both on this list.

In some cases, the most shocking stories were the year's biggest stories, but not always. The introduction of Walmart Boy Mason Ramsey made our 10 Biggest News Stories list, but he was hardly a first-class shocker. The sudden death of a great '90s hitmaker was stunning, however, so as part of this list we remember Daryle Singletary and a few others who didn't live to see 2019. We could do without many of these shocks in the years to come.

Here are the 11 Most Shocking News Stories of 2018

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