This is one of the nastier road rage accidents you'll see.

On Wednesday, a motorcyclist in Santa Clarita, Calif. kicked a car in the lane next to him, which spurred on a crash with another vehicle a few lanes over. The whole incident was captured on the dash cam of a car following behind in traffic.

After the biker kicks the car, the driver of the sedan swerves and knocks into the bike before his vehicle crashes into the median and veers off a few lanes and hits a truck, which flips over. The truck driver is the only known person to have suffered injuries, considered non-life-threatening.

The person on the motorcycle, meanwhile, continues to drive away. Officials are looking for that biker.

“It looked like a pretty violent video … this could’ve been a horrible tragedy,” California Highway Patrol Officer Greengard said. “More people could’ve gotten hurt."

Officials plan to conduct a thorough investigation and speak to the biker before issuing any tickets or making an arrest.

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