Mumford & Sons showed some of their country contemporaries how it's done at the 2013 Grammy Awards, performing 'I Will Wait' in a rendition that underlines their genuine musical ability.

The group are already successful in their native England and in other platforms in the States, but 'I Will Wait' serves as an introduction to most American country audiences. The song stuck out like a sore thumb among most of the cookie-cutter country that's coming out of Nashville these days -- which turned out to be a good thing.

The group delivered the song live in a rendition that underscored their genuine vocal and instrumental ability --  a rather sharp ( and very welcome) contrast to the over-the-top visual presentations of many of the evening's performers. Their strong vocals, banjo playing, and the way they alternated up-tempo and moody passages was such a welcome contrast from the drab sameness of much of the rest of the evening that it made them one of the standout performances.

Watch Mumford and Sons Perform 'I Will Wait'

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