Things continued to heat up on Thursday’s (Jan. 19) all-new episode of Nashville, moving forward on themes set up in the season premiere.

Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) continues her efforts to regain normalcy after the devastating plane crash, albeit a little too quickly. Anxiety gets the best of her when she attempts to take her first steps since her accident using a new walking aid, when she has a traumatic flashback to the crash in the middle of the session. She takes out the frustrations of her injuries on Avery (Jonathan Jackson), lashing out at him when he tries to help her, leading to a fight between the two.

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She decides to seek solace by going to church and asking God about why she was the lone survivor of the deadly crash, despite her troubled past. After initially saying he needed time before entering a romantic relationship with Juliette again in light of their past troubles, Avery decides that he’s ready to go down that road again, and the two rekindle their romance.

On the business side of Nashville, Rayna (Connie Britton) brings media tycoon Zach Wells with her to the Exes' show at the Bluebird, where he tells Rayna he has a proposition for her. The two meet again when he reveals that he wants to form a partnership with her and Highway 65, investing in the business and new artists they bring on board. After long consideration of the offer, Rayna ultimately signs the deal. Things get even more interesting when she receives a mysterious letter of adoration from an anonymous stalker, with no clues leading to who it could be.

Meanwhile, Will (Chris Carmack) and Kevin move forward on their plans to move in together, but Will has obvious reservations about the new apartment Kevin loves, revealing to Avery that he’s faced with temptation constantly and is unsure if he wants to stay with him. After lying to Kevin about submitting his application for the apartment, Will admits he’s not ready to take such a big step. The episode ends with a surprise breakup between the couple, both of whom air out their sorrows in their own way -- Will singing a heartfelt ballad the two wrote together at a showcase, while Kevin angrily cleans out his closet of Will’s belongings, tearfully leaving them on the porch.

Nashville's Season 5 just keeps digging in and making the characters and plots more complex. New episodes air every Thursday night on CMT at 9PM EST.

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