For three full years, Neal McCoy has been saying the Pledge of Allegiance live on Facebook daily without fail. On Wednesday (Oct. 3) he actually reached an unbelievable 1000th day reciting the Pledge, which he marked with a celebration outside the World Headquarters of the Dallas Cowboys.

McCoy shared a 12-minute video with fans on his Facebook account, which not only included the Pledge (check the video around 7:50 for the big moment), but a lot of other goodies including—naturally—plenty of cameos from the lovely Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. McCoy's wife Melinda and kids Miki and Swayde were also there to cheer him on.

Afterwards, McCoy sat down and addressed his fans directly. "Some of you are thinking 'Well now, that's it, what are we doing to do now?'" he said. "I'll tell you what we're doing to do. We're going to do the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning, 10 a.m. central time. I hope you'll join me, and it'll be 1001."

McCoy credits his mother, an immigrant from the Phillipines, with instilling his rocksolid patriotism in him. In addition to a daily pledge of his allegiance, McCoy has been outspoken about anyone who kneels during the National Anthem. Last year he released a much-discussed song called "Take a Knee ... My Ass!" in response to NFL star Colin Kaepernick's decision not to stand.

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