Ah, The perfect yard.. nicely manicured grass, maybe a lawn jockey but wait.... no trees? Trees do so much for your yard including giving you shade during the hot Texas Panhandle summers and add a little curb appeal to your home when you are trying to sell. Not to mention the obvious environmental benefits like cleaning the air and providing habitats for all of our little city woodland creatures and birds.

If you happen to be one of those folks who want to get your hands on a tree and maybe plant one for yourself, the City of Amarillo just happens to have you covered! Amarillo Parks and Recreation have joined forces with North Heights, San Jacinto, Barrio and Eastridge Park to get a grant from the Apache Tree Grant Program which has been around over 15 years and has provided millions of Trees to neighborhoods and cities all across the country.

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Amarillo Parks And Recreation Public Relations Coordinator Kristen Wolbach on the record stating:

"Not only do these trees provide a free opportunity to beautify our city, but this also encourages a unique sense of community pride," she said. "These kinds of projects really sit at the core of who we are. Trees help conserve, improve and beautify our homes and spaces.”

Folks are invited to stop on by both John Stiff Memorial Park or Rich Klein Sports Complex Friday, March 5th from 11AM to 1PM or Bones Hooks Park, Eastridge Park, San Jacinto Park and El Alamo Park from 11AM to 1PM on Saturday to pick up to 5 trees to take back and plant.

Here's a little more information and you can always reach out at 806.378.3036

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