A new Blue Bell ice cream flavor is hitting the shelves just in time for those hot days to come.

According to a press release from Blue Bell, the newest flavor called Cookies 'n Cream Cone is sure to bring you back to your school days, and is bursting with chocolatey goodness. The new flavor captures the taste of the cookies 'n cream cones we all loved a kids and places it in pints and half-gallons.

“Some of you will remember our Cookie Cone, which inspired this flavor,” said Joe Robertson, executive director of advertising & marketing for Blue Bell. “Imagine our Cookies ’n Cream Ice Cream, then add in cone pieces and a fudgy swirl. It’s an ice cream with all of the delicious ingredients of a Cookie Cone.  It’s your favorite cone, but in a carton.”

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Blue Bell introduced the Cookie Cone in 1997, and it was mostly sold in school cafeterias. Unfortunately the product has not been available since 2015, when that terrible incident took Blue Bell off the shelves for months. Since then Blue Bell scaled back on their flavors to focus on safety.

“We have heard from many of our fans on social media that the Cookie Cone was a popular lunchtime treat in school,” Robertson added. “Cookies ’n Cream Cone is a new twist on an old favorite that we know Cookie Cone fans will enjoy!”

Don't wait too long to try this new flavor, because word is that it will only be available for a limited time.

I'm excited to try out this new flavor, but what I would really love to see back at the stores is the Blue Bell Fudge and Banana Bombstik. That is my ALL-TIME favorite Blue Bell ice cream. If they could put that in pints and half-gallons I would absolutely spend all my money on ice cream alone.

Joking, but I do love and miss that Blue Bell creation the most.

What's your favorite Blue Bell ice cream?

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