A new year means a new round of laws in Texas. 2022 gets started with some interesting new laws regarding property, taxes, and...chickens.

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New Law Regarding Chickens and Rabbits

Having chickens is great...if you're the person benefiting from it. For the rest of us, it can be a nuisance. HB 2535 amends the Tax Code when it comes to determining the value of property if a coop or rabbit pen is on the property for the purpose of personal consumption.

I've covered this before, and this seems like an appropriate time to do it again. If you're wanting to have some backyard chickens, be sure to check your city ordinances. While the state of Texas does allow for backyard chickens, some city ordinances place restrictions on the number of birds you can have and also have rules regarding how they're kept.

More Laws Regarding Property And Taxes

Eminent Domain is the main issue in HB 2730. For renters and landlords, HB 531 makes it so that a landlord has to inform a tenant if the home is in a flood plain with a written notice. They also have to inform the tenant if the home has flooded in the last five years.

There are also changes regarding the property owned by charitable and religious organizations.

Disabled Veteran License Plate

SB 792 is an interesting one when it comes to disabled veteran license plates. To boil it down, anyone with a disabled veteran license plate will need to get a disabled veteran license plate with the International Symbol of Access in order to use parking spaces reserved for persons with disabilities.

Amendments For Booze and Delivery

SB 911 is all about regulating third-part delivery services, and issuing certain alcoholic beverage certificates to restaurants.

You can get a full list here. There just over 20 new laws that went into effect at the start of the year in Texas.

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