Authorities in New Mexico say a teenage boy has fatally shot two adults and three children inside a suburban Albuquerque home.


Compound in Albuquerque, New Mexico where 5 people were found dead
Compound in Albuquerque, New Mexico where 5 people were found dead (KRQE TV)

The Albuquerque Journal is identifying the victims as part of the the family of Pastor Greg Griego, a pastor at the Calvary Church in Albuquerque. Griego's bio on the church website, which has been removed, earlier said he has 10 children and a wife named Sarah.


 15-Year-Old Shooter

The boy, identified by police as 15-year-old  Nehemiah Griego has been booked on murder and other charges. His relationship to the family has not been made clear.

KOB TV reports Nehmiah called "someone" after the shooting who called police.

A man, a woman, two girls and a boy were found in the home. with multiple gunshot wounds Bernalillo County sheriffs deputies tell KOAT TV.

Greg Griego was also a spiritual counselor at the Albuquerque Fire Department according to the The Albuquerque Journal.  “Chaplain Griego was a dedicated professional that passionately served his fellow man and the firefighters of this community,” read the statement.  “His calming spirit and gentle nature will be greatly missed.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Greg’s extended family.”

Processing The Crime Scene

Police tell KRQE TV that it could take until Monday to process the crime scene. “You know, I’ve been down there with our investigators this morning, there's no other way to say it but we have a horrific crime scene we're working and it'll be intensive and we’ll work hard to do everything that needs to be done because of all that is involved,” Sheriff Dan Houston told KRQE TV.

Bernalillo County sheriff's spokesman Aaron Williamson says the boy's motive and connection to the five victims aren't immediately unknown.

Investigators also were seeking to determine who owned several guns that were found at the home, one of which was a semi-automatic military-style rifle.

Peter Gomez, a 54-year-old carpenter who lives about 200 yards from the home, said he saw police vehicles and ambulances arrive Saturday night.

Gomez said he doesn't know the family that lives at the house, but he has seen a married couple and their two boys and two girls from time to time.

"It's a horrible thing," Gomez said. "You see all this stuff that happens all over the country, the shootings in the schools and theaters, and then it happens right here. It's sad."

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