Throughout the day I've been watching Social Media as yahoo after yahoo posted about President Biden taking away beef in order to help reduce greenhouse gases

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In fact, There were quite a few people who jumped on to the bandwagon including our own Texas Governor Greg Abbott:

Now before you call me a liberal for bashing Fox... hear me out... I am 100% pro beef. look at my social feeds. I smoke brisket, I cook plenty of steaks and I don't mind sharing a secret or two. The Texas Beef Industry would have no qualms about low demand with me around and I support barbecue stands across the state by making sure I stop and sample the native 'cue. I have been known to look at a cow and figure out... what cut looks best on it. By the way... There's plenty of sliced heaven on earth here in Amarillo.

But here's what pisses me off... and it's not just Fox... (they all lie and have bias to some extent, there's no such thing as a "perfect" news operation, Don't try to sway me with your thoughts. Bias is just part of the game) Someone will feed these guys a story or a producer will find something somewhere and just run with it before checking all the facts and details and create fear and confusion which leads to what happened today. Who needs to be right when ratings are on the line? That's what really makes it worse.

Freshly cooked New York Strip garnished with fresh Rosemary.

For folks in the Panhandle, Beef is BIG Business. You don't need to be an expert in economics to know that while others say Herford Smells Like... well you know what, We know it's the smell of money and business is good.

As big as the beef industry is not just in Texas but nationwide such a move would have bold political implications for whoever is in office and any politician would know that. It's a dance, choreographed chaos if you will.

Enough of a dance that the USDA had to even come out and say if there was a plan to change red meat limits, it's news to them

“There is no such effort or policy that exists by this administration. It’s not a part of the climate plan nor the emissions targets. It is not real.”

No... we don't need to stock up on veggie burgers or talk to our kids about what a world with beef used to be like... If you want that nice quarter pound steak burger on your grill you're plenty safe...

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