You wouldn't think of Amarillo as a place of mystery, but people are so confused by it that they have to ask their trusty friends at Google, "Why?"

If you type "Why is Amarillo" into Google, you get four questions that are common enough to be auto-filled into the search bar. That means that people have pondered over these questions long enough to decide that they just couldn't come up with an answer alone.

We're here to ease the pain of those burning questions.

  • 1

    "Why is Amarillo So Cold?"

    The winters in Amarillo are brutal. It can get down to single digits without the wind-chill factor. But why? Well, cold fronts coming off of the Rocky Mountains tend to hit Amarillo hard because we have no protection from the elements, like mountains.

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    "Why Is Amarillo Famous?"

    This is more of a subjective question because I'm sure everyone has their own opinion of why Amarillo is famous, or if it even is famous. The best I can come up with is that it's a central spot on Route 66. This made it a prime stopping place for travelers, some of whom were song writers or famous cowboys.

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    "Why Is Amarillo So Windy?"

    Another great question that people ask all the time. Amarillo is so windy because we are located smack dab in the middle of the plains. There are no mountains around to stop the wind that comes off of the Rockies, so we are subjected to high winds that never seem to let up.

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    "Why Is Amarillo In So Many Songs?"

    I have wondered this myself. Another stab in the dark here, but it's probably because Amarillo was and is a common spot for travelers. Whether they were stopping in for a night's stay along the way or a weekend at the rodeo, song writers found Amarillo to be a memorable enough place, even if it was only memorable for not being memorable at all.