When it comes to driving, there are several things that we all complain about in Amarillo. There's the general lack of skill behind the wheel most people have. There's always construction and potholes. There's one thing that doesn't get mentioned often; and that's some of our parking lots.

Here are the ones that are the worst.


Yes, I'm looking at you Tar-zhey. While I do enjoy the occasional trip to Target, I loathe getting through the parking lot. The main reason why isn't Target's fault, though. It always seems like there are multiple people whizzing by in every direction. It also doesn't help that one of the exits is near the stoplight leading to Soncy.

Toot'n Totum 34th and Bell

First, nothing against this TnT. It's almost a daily stop for me on my way in to work. The parking lot though...yikes. Getting in and out can be a bit of a nightmare, especially if you're turning left out of the parking lot facing Walgreens.

Best Buy

For pretty much the same reason as Target. You're on an incline. People tend to "come out of nowhere" when you're trying to get around. Plus, getting out of there when the mall is busy can be a little more than just tricky.

I'll still see you guys around Black Friday, though. Love those deals.

Any Walmart in Town

Yeah. You heard me. From people going the wrong way down narrow lanes, to not stopping at crosswalks, to carts cluttering up spaces; Walmart has it all.

Townsquare Media Amarillo

I'm doing this, one, out of fairness. Two, I have some honest complaints. Taking a left turn out of our entrance onto 34th is near impossible at any semi-busy time of day. Thanks to the nearby traffic light, things tend to get backed up right in front of the building. Also, there is only the one entrance/exit. Sure, there's an exit onto the one way side road, but none of us really ever use that.

If there's any kind of bad weather, getting in and out is a bit tricky.

I can't count the number of people who have pulled into our parking lot thinking that they were going to be able to drive through, only to have to turn around and take the drive of shame back to the one entrance we've got.

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