RaeLynn's "Bra Off" music video shows just what it means to be fully relaxed.

"Breaking up with you was like taking my bra off / Feeling free and loose like this T-shirt I got on /Yeah I should be crying, grieving some kind of loss / But it's like taking this pink and lacy, suffocating bra off," RaeLynn sings in the chorus.

The 25-year-old filmed the carefree music video alongside her real-life friends — cocktails included, of course. The video even features cameos from RaeLynn's pup and Cassadee Pope. It's one big party with RaeLynn's gal pals that has the songstress floating in a pool on a unicorn floaty and rocking out to the jam at the ultimate laid-back pool party.

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"'Bra Off' is the ultimate reminder that the end of a relationship is not the end of the world," RaeLynn tells CMT. "If you are struggling with a breakup, I hope you have the right people around you to help you smile, laugh and work toward moving on."

The new song has even sparked a challenge to take your bra off while jamming out to the single. Fans have shared that it is harder than it looks, but some have been successful.

Emily Weisband and Josh Kerr co-wrote the pop-country jam that will be on RaeLynn's upcoming, yet-to-be-titled EP.

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