I was fortunate to have seen Miranda Lambert twice in 2013.

The first time was in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the second time was in Lubbock. Both shows featured Dierks Bentley on the ticket as part of their 'Locked and Reloaded Tour.'Within 10 minutes from the first show, I became a raving fan of Miss Miranda, so I was excited to hear that her new album, 'Platinum' was being released.

I bought a copy on the first day of release and have had it in my CD player ever since. Yes, I still enjoy buying CDs versus downloading digital copies.

One of the things I noticed about 'Platinum' versus her previous albums is that the songs have a bit more 'seasoned' feel to it. Lambert co-wrote half of the 16 tracks on the disc and instead of burning things up, she reflects a bit more on life and where her place is in it.

Some of the key tracks on the CD include:


The first song released to radio. Puts into perspective about how we take things for granted and are almost on auto-pilot.


A song that seeks the advice of the wife of Elvis Presley and how she handled standing in the shadow of a husband that is always in the spotlight.

'All That's Left' (with The Time Jumpers)

If your looking for an old school hoedown, then this toe-tapper is for you. Being thrown out of the house has never sounded so happy.

'Somethin' Bad' (with Carrie Underwood)

The two leading ladies of country team up for a little bit of trouble.

It's great to watch Lambert grow as a writer, performer and artist through her five albums. It's 58 minutes of music that is well worth a listen.