The first TV spot for 'Riddick' has arrived, courtesy of Mr. Vin Diesel himself, who is always providing fans with goodies. During the ad, Riddick asks whether or not you're afraid of the dark; well, are you?

The 30-second spot is essentially a condensed version of the trailers we've seen before; summing up the story quickly -- Riddick is hunted by bounty hunters on a strange planet crawling with freaky aliens -- and showcasing plenty of dark action and jump-out-of-your-seat scares. It must be said that 'Riddick' looks like a horror movie more than anything else, which is certainly keeping with the first movie in this trilogy, 'Pitch Black.'

What's also cool, just from the Diesel perspective, is that the actor promised his fans (via his Facebook page) a look at this spot a few days ago. On Wednesday, he wrote "The first Riddick TV will go up on July 8th... seeing if I can show it to you sooner..."

The man certainly keeps his promises! So check out the TV spot before the rest of the world! 'Riddick' comes out on Sep. 6.

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