Ryan Hurd continues to pave his own lane in the world of country music. While he is enjoying the success of his current single, "To a T" (which features guest vocals from his wife, fellow country star Maren Morris), he is also celebrating the release of his latest EP, Platonic. That project includes the new song "Wish for the World,"

"Wish for the World" leaves the greatest mark on the Platonic EP, with the main theme of the song centralizing around Hurd, his biggest hope for those around him and his own heartfelt philosophies ("I wish hard times and heartbreak / Would fly right by like spring break / And summer and all other good things didn't have to end").

It's also one of the more traditional-sounding country songs on Platonic, with a heavy emphasis on an acoustic guitar, a steady, pounding drum beat, soft touches of steel guitar and delicate piano keys. The warmer, more optimistic production helps convey the message of Hurd's lyrics. The song is one of Hurd's favorite tracks that he has written.

In an interview with Billboard, he explains, "I want to talk about relevant things, things that are truly relevant, and that's what 'Wish for the World' is."

"The positivity of it I think is important, too," Hurd adds. "It's hard to be a human on the Internet these days. Putting something like that out is really important. I say take a second in the morning and appreciate things."

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