Sara Evans is using her soon-to-be-released book Born to Fly: A Memoir as the perfect excuse to reveal some of her deepest secrets. And one of those secrets has to do with four near death experiences.

“I chose to write about what I thought were important parts of my life,” Evans says during a recent interview with Everything Nash about the book, which is set for release on Sept. 8. “I’ve had four near-death experiences –– very, very near death experiences, and a few of them I’ve never spoken about publicly. So one of them is in this book, which will be really, I think, fascinating, and shocking, of what happened to me.”

The memoir will also have Evans flashing back to her childhood and the roots that played a big part in the woman she is today.

“I write a lot about my parents, and how they met,” Evans says in the interview. “I talk about my parents, and how they got married right out of high school and immediately started having kids. My mom, her only dream was just to be a farmer. And then they ended up birthing these children who were exceptionally talented at music. And so that sort of changed the trajectory of their lives.”

Evans also confirms that in the book, she includes details surrounding her much-publicized divorce from her first husband, Craig Schelske, and her current marriage to former football player Jay Barker.

“I talk about how I’m a really old-fashioned wife, and I believe in being a sweet wife and not just bitching all the time and how the mother sets the tone in the house,” adds Evans, who also released her latest album Copy That earlier this month. “And so, on one hand it’s really light, but there are a few stories that are really shocking.”

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