Update 1/7/2020 3pm:

According the local authorities, the missing boat that was found at the bottom of Lake Meredith is not that of Ryan Kennedy. Divers confirmed the sunken boat was not what they were looking for and the search has been suspended for the rest of the day.

Original story:

The family of Ryan Kennedy have been looking for answers and closure after he went missing on Lake Meredith December 15th. Ryan was on a hunting trip at the lake and did not return home when he was due back from the trip. The last time he made contact with his family was on the 15th when he called to say he was preparing to head back home. His truck and boat trailer were found that night but no signs of Ryan.

Until this point, the only signs of Ryan besides the truck and trailer, were items belonging to him found on the water, however there were no additional signs of him or the boat. Since then, special sonar has been brought in to map the bottom of the lake. Confirmation came in today that the side-scanning sonar has picked up what is believed to be a boat at the bottom of the lake. Teams are expected to continue the search including exploration of the wreckage found on sonar.

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