Facebook Messenger App Has Changed the Way We Think About Downloading Apps
I kept noticing that Facebook kept trying to download the Messenger app.  I didn't want to download it, I have too many apps on my phone and I didn't need another Facebook app, I mean I have 2 already.  So each time that goofy little squirrel, gopher, rodent kept popping up every time I sent a message I kept ignoring it.  Well now it seems everybody is up in arms about this app and here's why.  It
The Future is Here: Remote Controlled Microchip Birth Control
A new form of birth control is set to go into the initial testing stages starting in 2015.  The idea began with Bill Gates and his colleagues and a MIT scientist.  It is a microchip that is implanted into your arm, stomach or buttocks that releases hormones.  This birth control microchip will last 16 years and you can turn it on and off with a remote.
Yahoo! Mail Hacked
Could you imagine waking up in the morning and logging into your email only to discover that your account has been hacked? This is what has happened to to a number of people who use Yahoo! mail.

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