Delaney Clements got the best Christmas surprise ever last weekend when her favorite star, Taylor Swift, showed up on her doorstep. The Grand Junction, Co. 13-year-old has been battling neuroblastoma since she was 8 years old and has been undergoing treatment for years. Now, tumors have been discovered in her brain, and she is about to undergo a last-ditch effort of intense radiation treatment.

Clements’ only wish this year was to meet Taylor Swift, and her mother, along with Mix 104.3 FM, started a social media campaign to try to make it happen on Dec. 9. Ten days later, it happened.

"A few months ago Mix 104.3 came up with Delaney Day," host Dave Bradley says. "She was on the air with me for my whole show and helped spread the word regarding childhood cancer and her battle. During the time Delaney was on the air, she told me two of her dreams: to help kids with cancer, and to meet Taylor Swift."

"It was truly a magical day for all of us to see this little girl's dream finally come true."

Clements’ mother Wendy Campbell posted a photo collage on Facebook showing the sheer joy on her daughter’s face when she met Swift, along with several other photos of the star with the young girl, making silly faces for selfies and posing together.

Swift even posted an adorable collage from the day on her Instagram, featuring one photo with the pair showing off their matching signature red lips.

Swift has long been known for her acts of kindness toward her fans, whether it’s attending wedding showers, inviting them to awards shows or visiting children like Clements. She recently wrapped up her 1989 World Tour, which fans can now watch at home via Apple Music. The live film features her full show, including some of the incredible guest performances with artists like Miranda Lambert, Steven Tyler, Justin Timberlake, Alison Krauss, Alanis Morisette and many more.

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