Taylor Swift has a case of the nerves! The singer will be performing at the MTV VMAs tonight (Sept. 6), where she will likely be debuting a live version of a song from her forthcoming album, ‘Red.’ While she may be a pro with lots of experience, she confessed that she still gets shaken up about major performances like this one.

Even with two previous VMAs performances under her belt, Swift admitted to being “really, really nervous” about the upcoming show, and even shared what she thinks about before taking the stage.

“‘Do not mess this up, everything will come crashing down if you mess it up,’” Swift admitted, sharing with MTV what goes through her head. Clearly, she’s a perfectionist whose only desire is to turn in the best possible performance for her fans.

She continued,”It’s a little more intense and the voice is a little meaner, but that’s basically what happens.”

Swift also explained the myriad of emotions she experiences at events like the VMAs, saying, “You get really nervous. It’s a mixture of all these emotions of excitement of nerves of planning, of making sure that you have enough rehearsal time, know all your blocking … ’cause the thing about the VMAs is, the people that help put together the performances are honestly some of the best people you have ever worked with and they put together these huge, vast, massively entertaining performances and you have to make sure that you are ready to go onstage and face the entire world of music fans that are watching that show.”

Perhaps Swift’s nerves pertaining to the VMAs are holdover feelings from the 2009 show, when Kanye West crashed her accepted speech and tried to steal her moment, leading to a much-discussed public beef between the two — at least in the press.

Tune in tonight at 8PM to see Taylor Swift lay it down on the 2012 VMAs. We’re guessing she’ll turn in a flawless performance, despite her nerves.

Watch Taylor Swift Talk About Her VMAs Nerves

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