The Texas Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin used to say he'd stomp a mudhole in you and walk it dry. I never completely understood that term until tonight.

Sure, Texas Tech got boat raced in Austin, but that was a road game and the Longhorns were moderately finessing the Red Raiders as they beat them 70-35. TCU wasn't too far behind that with a 52-31 win over the Red Raiders.

The blackout throwback provided zero juice, and TCU's first-half domination just felt different. I don't know if it was more frustrating that TCU was running roughshod all over the Texas Tech defense or that they were doing it against a light box. Zach Evans, the Horned Frogs' starting running back, had 17 carries with 143 yards and two touchdowns.

In the first half.

To be fair, the Red Raiders didn't fare any better against any other TCU running back. The Horned Frogs stacked up nearly 400 yards on the ground with little to no answer coming from the Red Raiders.

In the first half, the Red Raiders opened with a three-and-out after SaRodorick Thompson tripped with wide-open spaces ahead. A tip drill interception from Texas Tech QB Henry Colombi in the second quarter returned for a touchdown would push the TCU lead to 21 and make the game feel pretty close to out of hand at 28-7.

A Texas Tech field goal would be answered by another TCU touchdown to make it 35-10 with a minute and a half before halftime. A Texas Tech three-and-out would allow TCU to finish the half on a knee. The Red Raiders would punt on 4th and 1 to allow the half to end without an attempt to score.

The second half opened with Colombi taking a sack on 4th down before the Red Raiders would force their first stop of the game in the form of a TCU field goal. (Not a real stop, but close enough, right?) Down 28 points, Texas Tech would trade touchdowns with TCU and the Red Raiders would actually force back-to-back punts, cutting the lead to 14 with less than five minutes left in the fourth quarter after a 13-play 68-yard drive capped off by SaRodorick Thompson's third rushing touchdown of the night.

Texas Tech, down by 14, attempted an onside kick, but not recover the ball. TCU then scored in one play and pushed the lead back to 21. Balloon of momentum, meet comically large needle.

Credit goes to Texas Tech's offense; they never gave up. In fact, the offense looked pretty good with more than 500 yards and only a few drives not ending in points.

TCU's rushing attack was just too dadgum much for Texas Tech to handle. TCU finished the night with 394 rushing yards and didn't even need to use Zach Evans in the second half. The Red Raiders led the game in time of possession and total yards, but the scoreboard was decidedly in TCU's favor and after the middle of the second quarter, that never really felt in doubt.

The loss puts Texas Tech at 4-2 for the season, with tough road games against Oklahoma and Baylor still on their slate.

Texas Tech vs TCU (October 9th, 2021)

Photo highlights from Texas Tech's game against TCU at Jones AT&T Stadium.

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