Being stressed is a part of life.   Very few people don't experience a bunch of stress, but most do experience a stressful life.

Did you know that different states have different levels of stress?  Some states have residents that experience more stress.  In other words your environment does have a lot to do with your stress level.

The good news is, we don't live in Louisana, they are the most stressful state in the US.  However, we don't live in Minnesota which is the state with the least amount of stress.

Where does Texas land?  Texas is on the more stressful end.  We came in at #18.  So we are on the top end of the Most Stressful states.  The #1 position is the most stressful, the 51st is the least stressful.

Source: WalletHub

WalletHub conducted this study and took into account the following stresses, work, money, family and health and safety.

Texas came in 4th for average hours worked per week.  That means most us in Texas work more hours than other states.  We took 35th in getting adequate sleep.  Even thought we are working more hours, we are still getting our sleep in. An apparently we are secure in our jobs because we came in 39th for job security.  We were in 33rd for housing affordability.    We were low in our median credit scores we came in 7th.

I guess the only thing to suggest is try to keep your life as easy as possible and rid yourself of as much stress as possible.  Oh and stop working so much.

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