Pizza is as American as....well, actually, pizza originated from Italy, but you get the idea. We love pizza so much that it should be its own food group. Well, at least in my belly's opinion.

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According to, pizza is actually our favorite food as a nation as it outpaces burgers and hot dogs. Last year, alone, we spent over $46 billion on pizza from just restaurants and pizzerias. That doesn't even factor in all those frozen pizzas we eat.

While the most famous American pizza is typically served in places like New York and Chicago, Texas has its own piece of the pie (pun intended) when it comes to the best in our great nation.

The same article, by 247tempo, went on to rank the top 25 pizza places in America using a bunch of info and rankings from other sources that you don't really care about. While reading it, I was pleasantly surprised to see Texas represented with one of the top 25. Considering Texas isn't really known for its pizza, I'd say that's a great thing.

Best of all, Texas cracked the top 15 with Cane Rosso, out of Dallas, coming in as the 13th best pizza place in America. Cane Rosso has the standard items like antipasti, salads, sandwiches, and more, but their true hero is the wood-fired pizza that's cooked in 90 seconds or less in a 900-degree oven. Talk about fast food. Wow.

While everything is bigger and better in Texas, we only have one of the top 25 pizza places in America - Cane Rosso. So, on your next stop in DFW, give em a shot.

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