It's that time of year when jelly beans are everywhere and in every flavor.  I love jelly beans.  They are one of my favorite candies.  However, there is one jelly bean flavor I loathe and it makes me gag when I accidentally pop it in my mouth.

Unfortunately, it is the # 1 jelly bean flavor in Texas.

What is wrong with you my fellow Texans.  Why couldn't you have just loved the good 'ol black licorice jelly beans.

According to the #1 flavor of jelly bean in Texas is buttered popcorn.

I died a little inside when I read the results.  With so many other jelly bean flavors to choose from, how did this top the list?

Here's what topped the list in other states as well.

Source: 10+ years bulk candy sales data from

Someone please explain to me how buttered popcorn even made the list, much less top it.  The flavor is just nasty and most people I have talked to detest it as well.

What is your favorite jelly bean flavor?

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