It seemed like it came and went in a flash. The Jason Collier story made international headlines. "Satire" Facebook pages went up. People were calling on Netflix for a documentary.

Then, it all just kind of went away.

Which is probably why you and I had no idea that there was a book coming. There was no fanfare ahead of a "gripping tell-all" from the man himself. No press tours. No C-SPAN commercials.

Terri Anne Browning on Amazon
Terri Anne Browning on Amazon

One of the biggest stories of the year so far, and not much of a peep was made about the antagonist getting his side of the story out there.

The book, titled Texted Lies, Whispered Truths: The Jason Collier Story, actually doesn't list Jason as the author. That credit gets split between Terri Anne Browning and Lonnie Doris.

There is a disclaimer at the beginning of the book and what looks like a handwritten note from Jason stating that this is all in his own words.

The book isn't written from the viewpoint of someone interviewing Jason or relaying the story of his life. It is written as if these words are being typed by Jason himself.

At least, for most of the book.

There is a "Q&A" with Jason in the book. The authors both wrote notes at the end summing up their experience of talking with Jason over the course of a week.

Repeatedly, they comment on how their opinions of him hadn't changed. They just felt like his story needed to be told.

Teri Anne Browning on Apple Books

Then, there's something about an alter ego and there being something more to the story.

Looking through Terri Anne's catalog, she's an accomplished author. She's a WSJ and USA Today bestselling author.

I went back to check on the Jason Collier book, thinking maybe this was just another Romance novel. I could see someone writing a lurid tale based on actual events. Stranger things have happened.

Yet, the book is categorized as non-fiction, at least in some places. In others it's listed as health and fitness. Despite how it's categorized, the point is made repeatedly that the book is based on Jason's own words.

Terri Anne Browning on Amazon
Terri Anne Browning on Amazon
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Why would Jason Collier give up his story to authors whose main area of expertise is romance novels. Surely, in the whole of the planet Earth there would be a journalist or non-fiction author somewhere who would do this story better justice than what these 68 pages accomplished.

Yeah. The e-book version is advertised at 68 pages. One of the biggest stories of the year, so far, only got 68 pages. Tainted Butterfly at least got 298.

Who knows? Maybe he's a big Terri fan.

The one big thing I've learned from this book so far, is that you only need to fill 68 pages to sell an e-book. You could, honestly, probably get away with less. No messy publishing deals, agents, book tours, or press events.

If you can fill 68 pages, you can publish a book. That's what I learned from Texted Lies, Whispered Truths: The Jason Collier Story.

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