The last we heard on 'The Expendables 3' front was that Sylvester Stallone was looking for some new blood to join the team, along with mainstays like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dolph Lundgren. And here's an update...he still is!

Twitter, the first of which announced that he's in the middle of writing the script and that there will be "mountains of surprises." For one:

This bit isn't new news, and for a while, we thought some of this new blood might include the likes of
Jackie Chan. While the Cage rumor was quickly debunked, apparently the Chan report, which seemed quite solid, is now unofficial. Oh, and if you were hoping Steven Seagal would be suiting up too...

Wesley Snipes? Lundgren previously stated that he's being eyed for a role, though time will tell who exactly will make up this "new blood."

First things first, thought, let's finish that script, Sly!

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