The NASCAR Sprint Cuprace at Texas Motor Speedway on April 13 is the first scheduled night race of the NASCAR season. It will now be known as the NRA 500 due to its new sponsor.

This is not the NRA's first NASCAR sponsorship. Last year a Nationwide race was also sponsored by the group. The NRA has been involved for several years in partnership with Texas Motor speedway. The National Rifle Association struck a deal for the race in spite of a renewed debate on gun violence in the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook's Elementary.

With all the politics and the debating for a law on gun control in the US, is this the right way to be headed or could this be a controversial topic in the future for sponsorship's for the group. To me it would be fine to let the NRA sponsor this event due to the fact that it is in Texas. Texas is known for its support of the NRA.

Turnbull Manufacturing Co. @ Flickr
Turnbull Manufacturing Co. @ Flickr

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