We are capable of doing so many amazing things, We have the technology to save lives, communicate with anyone anywhere in the world instantly and most importantly come up with great trash TV.

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Sometimes we make a misstep. This weekend one of those missteps may come back to Earth as debris. Before you get worried let me explain what it is and more importantly, what it isnt.

Meet the Long March 5B Rocket:

Soyuz TMA-12M Prepares To Launch
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The Long March 5B was designed by the Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA) as a launch vehicle designed to carry parts for a new space station they are building in Earth orbit. What makes this rocket different is when most rockets launch the booster engines that carry them into the sky (stages) fall off before they reach orbit. with this rocket they are attached and will eventually descend into our atmosphere.

It's a numbers game

The big story is Chinese officials haven't disclosed is weather the descent is controlled or if it is out of control like many outlets are reporting. But here's why I'm not too worried. 71 percent of the world is covered in water and a good chunk of that is the Pacific and Indian Oceans which means if it actually does get through the atmosphere theres a 7/10 chance it hits water. and we're not talking about anything huge here that's going to end life as we know it. and even if it does hit land there is more land that is uninhabited. Honestly the big wigs over at NASA even admit they cant really say where until a few hours before it happens. even so we're talking something the size of a school bus and one that will be pretty broken up by the time it reaches the ground.

No need to head for the hills just yet

The odds of this getting close to where you are is 1 in 10,000 which isn't much. Infact you have better chances of winning a lottery prize at 1:24, getting audited by the IRS 1:224 or even being named Emma 1:107 or Jacob 1:179

Sit back drink that cold beer and just enjoy the show. Maybe it isn't a rocket you're seeing... read on:

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