We can't play gamble (except for lottery). We can't buy liquor on Sunday. Cannabis is still a bad word. What can we do?

Get tattoos!

You might have seen the billboard(s) around town. Ink Masters Tattoo Expo will be coming to Yellow City next weekend. It is set for Feb. 15-17. You can get all of the details by following this link.

There will be freebies given away, and they're touting over one hundred artists. There is no mention of live music or other attractions, but there will be booze and food. The expo will be at the Fifth Season Inn & Suites.

With it being Valentines Day weekend, it might be worth the cover charge just to walk around and see how many young lovers will be getting tattoos that will become great cover-ups later in life. I know that getting your significant other tattooed on you is an understood "no-no," but there has to be at least one doofus getting a name tattooed on their arm that will get turned into a bald eagle in six months.

If you are that doofus, go for it. Next weekend would be a good time to do it. There will be a lot of talented artists out at the expo, and it will be Valentines Day. You could even get a couple's tattoo.

You can find out more at the Ink Masters Expo website, at the Visit Amarillo website, or on the Facebook Event Page.

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