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The new Thompson Park pool should be open just in time to officially kick off the summer this year. That is, if everything goes according to plan.

Mayor Ginger Nelson posted an update on the project to social media, which you can see below. According to her update, the pool should open up sometime around Memorial Day.

Honestly, it looks like it is going to be really nice. There's a lazy river, and there's enough room for four hundred people in the main pool area.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and my hopes up, that as we get further into 2021 things will start looking more like "normal" again.

I'm ready for there to be concerts again. Some of the biggest concert organizers in the country think that we will be back to having full fledged concerts sometime this summer.

Baseball is coming back to Hodgetown. In fact, the team has just announced they have signups available for the Sod Pups Club.

It will be nice to have parades again. It's still hard to believe that we completely canceled last year's Electric Light Parade.

If you keep up with the city's daily report card, it looks promising. Our hospitalization rate has been going down, and our numbers aren't spiking anymore.

Fingers crossed that this summer we will see things opened back up for the warmer weather. I'm ready for festivals and block parties. I'm ready for concerts.

Who knows? Maybe we'll be able to kick off the start of the summer at a freshly remodeled Thompson Park Pool.

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