If you don't happen to be in the loop, March 2nd is Texas Independence Day. Now growing up here in the Lone Star many of us were taught about how it all happened but if you happen to be new here, I'll give you the short quick version...

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Stephen F. Austin first came to Texas in the 1820's to help settle the vast empty space in the newly independent Mexican Republic with his colony of the "Old 300" from there as more and more found themselves in what is now the Coastal Bend and Central Texas, They found themselves in a position where they didn't like the landlord too much. High taxes and overregulation... (Wait we heard this story before in another part of North America) and finally on March 2nd 1836 they had enough.

53 Delegates made their way to Washington on the Brazos, Which just happens to be southeast of Navasota near Houston and East of Brenham (stop there for the Blue Bell Tour) for the Convention of 1836 and they told the fine folks in Mexico that they were infact done. Which kicked off a series of battles like Goliad, Concepcion, The Alamo, Which by the way Phil Collins made an amazing contribution to earlier today as well as the final one at San Jacinto where a very worn out Santa Ana was defeated off guard resting after a bout with the Yellow Rose of Texas, But that's another story for another day and maybe when the kids aren't around.

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So what's the big deal? Do we shut down the state? Believe it or not it's only considered a partial staffing day for the state, so if you get a longer than normal wait when dealing with the state today, that's why. Should it be a big day? Well, yes and no. while we should always look back on our history we also need to remember we are part of a bigger whole. There's folks who yearn for an independent Texas again, heck there's even folks who say we were never officially or lawfully annexed.

I'll say this... makes for a good excuse to pop a cold beer and learn a little more about this great state we call home.

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