16 days after they first announced their coronavirus diagnosis, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were now well enough to fly home to Los Angeles. Hanks and Wilson were in Australia, where Hanks was filming a new Elvis Presley biopic with Baz Luhrmann when he and Wilson began feeling sick. In his initial post on his illness, Hanks described it as feeling “a bit tired, like we had colds, and some body aches.” They were admitted to the hospital and tested positive for coronavirus.

Hanks provided several updates during their recovery; after several days of supervision, the couple was released from the hospital and allowed to remain in home isolation in Australia about 11 days ago. At a certain point, Wilson was even well enough to do this...

Hanks’ last update on his health came on March 17; ten days later the couple was able to return home to the United States. As reported by TMZ, they were seen leaving the Van Nuys Airport on Friday. Here’s a picture from TMZ of the couple looking reasonably well, all things considered.

Hanks and Wilson are just two of the many members of the film and TV community who have been sickened by coronavirus. While they are back in the U.S., and past the point where they could infect others with coronavirus, they will have to remain in their home due to California’s current shelter in place orders for all residents.

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