George Strait songs are some of the most enduring in country music history. The iconic artist has scored a record-breaking 60 No. 1 hits over the course of the last three decades -- more than any other solo performer.

Strait is an accomplished songwriter himself, but he has built most of his success by finding and recording some of the best songs from Nashville's top writers over a long period of time. The singer has essayed a number of different styles over the years, from ballads to uptempo fun songs, and serious message songs as well. But he's never been one to chase trends, adhering instead to a signature sound that has continued to work for him in the face of all the many changes he has seen come and go.

Our list of the Top 10 George Strait Songs includes tracks from every era of his career.

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    "Check Yes or No"

    From: 'Strait Out of the Box' (1995)

    Weaving a tale of two love-struck school-age children who fall in love and marry years later, this classic hit inspired fans of all ages to write simple love notes with one important question: "Do you love me?" followed by the directive to "Check yes or no." Written by Danny Wells and Dana Hunt, the song reached No. 1 in November of 1995.

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    "You Look So Good in Love"

    From: 'Right or Wrong' (1983)

    This song -- fittingly the first release for which Strait filmed a video -- laments a former flame whose beauty he truly sees for the first time when she's in the arms of someone else. A lyric filled with regret, with lines like "You look so good in love, I wish you still wanted me," made fans everywhere empathize with the budding young star. Written by Glen Ballard, Rory Michael Bourke and Kerry Chater, the song became Strait's third No. 1 in January of 1984.

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    "Amarillo By Morning"

    From: 'Strait From the Heart' (1982)

    Written by Terry Stafford and Paul Fraser, "Amarillo by Morning" first appeared on Stafford's 1973 album, Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose. Stafford was inspired to write the song after playing at the San Antonio rodeo with his band, then driving back to his home in Amarillo. The song described the hard-knocks life of a rodeo rider, but could just as easily be about a traveling musician. Re-recorded by Strait in 1983, the song reached No. 4 in the country charts, and has become one of Strait's all-time classics.

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    "Carrying Your Love With Me"

    From: 'Carrying Your Love With Me' (1997)

    Traveling on foot across the eastern part of the United States, Strait sings of a love who waits at home while he treks down the highway, toting all his possessions in one small bag. Going from West Virginia to Tennessee, Strait sings that he is "movin' with the good Lord's speed, carrying your love with me," until he gets back to the woman of his dreams. Written by Steve Bogard and Jeff Stevens, the song was another in a long line of No. 1 hits for Strait.

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    "Write This Down"

    From: 'Always Never the Same' (1999)

    Dana Hunt and Kent Robbins wrote this Strait classic. Describing a last-ditch attempt to rescue the relationship when she already has "one foot out the door," Strait keeps it simple as he reminds her of his feelings. Imploring her to "write this down" as a reminder to herself, he dictates the letter with lines like "tell yourself I love you and I don't want you to go," in hopes she will reconsider. "Write This Down" became Strait's 36th No. 1 hit in July of 1999.

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    "I Cross My Heart"

    From: 'Pure Country' (1982)

    Undoubtedly a staple at weddings all across America when the song was released, the tune also became the soundtrack to the movie Pure Country, which marked Strait's acting debut. Lyrics like "You will always be the miracle that makes my life complete" and "in all the world, you'll never find a love as true as mine" might have been sappy, but they also made this one of his most-beloved classics. Written by Steve Dorff and Eric Kaz, the song soared to No. 1.

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    "Ocean Front Property"

    From: 'Ocean Front Property' (1987)

    Penned by the legendary Hank Cochran, along with Dean Dillon and Royce Porter, this song is a tongue-in-cheek way to convince the women he loves that he'll be fine without her. Saying "Girl, your memory won't ever haunt me, 'cause I don't love you, and now if you'll buy that," he goes on to promise "ocean front property" in the land-locked state of Arizona, where the sea is allegedly visible from his front porch.

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    "Blue Clear Sky"

    From: 'Blue Clear Sky' (1996)

    Written by three of Nashville's most lauded tunesmiths -- Bob DiPiero, Mark D. Sanders and the late John Jarrard -- this song was inspired by the hit movie Forrest Gump. When Forrest charmingly twisted the words to a classic saying, describing a love that fell "out of the blue clear sky," inspiration struck and the song was born. Questioned by Strait as to whether the song should say "clear blue sky" instead, he ultimately trusted the songwriters' judgment, and earned a four-week No.1 hit in the process.

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    "All My Ex's Live in Texas"

    From: 'Ocean Front Property' (1987)

    Pining for four former flames (including one named "Dimples") living in various cities throughout the Lone Star State, Strait sang this all the way to No. 1 in 1987, right after his chart-topping hit about ocean front property in Arizona. After leaving all his exes wondering of his whereabouts after breaking their hearts -- it's rumored he's passed away -- Strait reveals he's "alive and well in Tennessee."

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    "I Saw God Today"

    From: 'Troubadour' (2008)

    The highest chart debut of his long career, the song garnered Strait several awards and accolades, including a CMA Award and a Grammy nod. Telling the beautiful story of a man who says, "I've been to church, I've read the book," but doesn't see evidence of God until his baby girl is born, he finally realizes that "His fingerprints are everywhere, I just slowed down to stop and stare, opened my eyes and man I swear, I saw God today." It was another No. 1 hit for Strait, and tops our list of the Top 10 George Strait Songs.

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