I remember back when I was in high school, one of the classes I took as an elective was home economics.

Now, it's POSSIBLE I took that class because I figured there would be a lot of girls in it and I was looking for a girlfriend. I know, I stereotyped, that's bad. However, the class was surprisingly split.

Furthermore, I didn't realize how many life skills I was going to come away from it. Life skills that I use to this day such as cooking, how to properly clean a house, decorating, and even financial literacy.

While those skills are still certainly useful and should be taught, there are a lot of high-demand jobs out there that don't have qualified people to fill them.

Well, thanks to a grant of $300,000 that is currently being considered for some Amarillo area high schools we could see some high school students getting trained up to succeed in those jobs right out of high school.

If the grant is completed, it would stand to benefit AmTech Career Academy, Canyon ISD, River Road, Bushland ISD, and Highland Park.

Marin Rivas, the Workforce Development Director, Panhandle Regional Planning Commission told NewsChannel 10, "These schools will have additional funding to build their training programs and encourage students, young students, to pursue these high-demand occupations that are in need in this area."

With so many available jobs in the panhandle area, we could see them get filled relatively quickly as these kids navigate their way through school.

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