Travis Denning's gotten plenty of opportunities to figure out his brand of country music, and what the genre means to him. Even before releasing his debut single, "David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs," Denning was an in-demand songwriter who'd penned tunes for the likes of Jason Aldean, Chase Rice and Michael Ray.

However, it wasn't until Denning's rigorous touring schedule started taking him to cities all over the country and putting him on the road with a variety of tourmates that the singer was truly able to sum up the familiarity that he associates with country music. Read on to learn what country music means to Denning, as told by the artist himself.

I think country music, to me, just means feeling like I'm home. That's all it is.

No matter if it's a song I'm playing, a crowd, a new venue -- if I feel like I'm home, I'm probably deep in country music.

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