When Tyler Farr released his newest single, "Love By the Moon," in April of 2018, he hinted that the track was a more mature nod to his recent life changes. In comparison with the "redneck crazy" songs he's released in the past, his style has slowed down a bit over the course of his past couple of singles.

"Most of my songs have been about walking into a bar, whiskey in my water ... so this is a little different," he told The Boot in 2017 about his then-most recent single, "I Should Go to Church Sometime." "I got married last fall ... It slows things down, and this song is a little different, and kinda hits on a different note than I have before."

While "Love By the Moon" continues in the vein of more subdued -- if still decidedly down-home -- style, Farr's music video for the track takes the song's authenticity to a whole other level. The video depicts scenes from Farr's real life, on his real farm. He walks his dog through the woods, picks up supplies at a local store, goes fishing, and of course, spends time with his real-life wife.

"Me and my wife Hannah have been married for a year and a half now, and this song is for her," Farr says of "Love By the Moon," according to Taste of Country. "We live in the country and enjoy our lives together on the farm. We laugh, work and play hard. This song is us!"

Farr goes on to say that sharing his life with fans is important to him, and was another reason why he wanted the music video for the song to be so true to his life story. "The lyrics totally match how I live. That's who I am," he goes on to explain. "And if any song is going to get me back out there, it's going to be this one. Plus, this song sounds like something my fans would relate to, too. They get me and I get them, through it all."

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