It's so exciting when a small town is able to have something major happen. What is even better is when it's something that will put the town in the spotlight.

Jeff Bezos and his brother, Mark Bezos will be in the Van Horn area next month.

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There are space enthusiasts who are jumping for joy about where the Bezos' brothers will be launching from. But it won't just be the two brothers going into space, they will have another passenger riding along. This passenger came from an auction they held to pay for a spot and you can see it with your own eyes below.

The lucky passenger placed a high bid of $28 million to join Jeff and Mark Bezos on the flight to space. Jeff Bezos made the right decision on picking Van Horn as their launch site.

After all, Van Horn is a secluded area so it was the perfect pick for Blue Origins space flight.

Something as big as this has increased tourism for Van Horn thanks to Blue Origin. In fact, some of the staff for Blue Origin have bought homes in Van Horn.

Most people know Van Horn is a quiet place and doesn't have many attractions come by.

But luckily, this mission will have people all around the world who will know of Van Horn, Texas. On July 20, Jeff and Mark Bezos, and the others selected will be launching to space from Van Horn, Texas.

I am so happy for Van Horn getting some recognition for something major like this.

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