Are Walker Hayes and Hunter Hayes related? That's the No. 1 question when you search the "Don't Let Her" singer on Google, but fans also want to know if he's Mormon and if he has a beef with Kenny Chesney.

Walker Hayes sat down to Google himself during a recent visit to the Taste of Country studio, and he set the record straight about his relationship with Hunter Hayes, his wife and kid situation, how he feels about the "Summertime" hitmaker and the story of his song "Craig." Fans also wanted to know if he was related to '90s hitmaker Wade Hayes — dang, there's a lot of Hayes in country music!

Walker Hayes Shares the Story of "Craig"

"Don't Let Her" is Walker Hayes' new radio single, written as a note to whatever guy his wife meets should he die young. The tearjerking new single is truthful to their life together, even to the point of calling out her insecurities with her legs and her displeasure of beards and comparisons to her mother. During multiple performances at the 2019 Taste of Country Music Festival, the singer brought fans to tears with the poignant nature of the upbeat tune.

Musically the Alabama native is working on a new album, the follow-up to Boom from 2017. He has notched one Top 10 hit in "You Broke Up With Me" and has two other charting singles in "Craig" and "'90s Country." Previously he was signed with Capitol Records and scored a Top 40 hit. Being dropped from the record label, his struggles afterward and a life with six kids make up a large part of his personal Boom album.

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