During these times when people are hoarding toilet paper, it is surprising to find out what Americans are flushing down their toilets.

We need to ration our toilet paper, not start finding alternatives. According to a recent post by El Paso Water, it seems like residents are flushing things like disinfectant wipes and paper towels down their toilets.

If you are using disinfectant wipes on your private parts, you might want to rethink everything you have ever done to protect your health. Seriously, do not do that.

If you are using them to clean and are not throwing them away in the trash, then you need to stop. Same goes for those using paper towels. You can't just throw whatever you want in the toilet and flush it down. This is not how any of this works.

Water Company Photo Shows Why You Should Only Flush Toilet Paper Down the Toilet

Sometimes it takes a Texas water utility company to show you the dirty truth of what happens to the water system when people do not follow the rules. As you can see above, things get pretty messy.

So take some time while you are in home quarantine and have the kids create a fun bathroom sign that will remind everyone about the 3 Ps of toilet flushing: poop, pee, and toilet paper!

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