Fall is upon us. Football has started, pumpkin spice is in everything we consume, and family trips to the pumpkin patch will take up a whole weekend. Here's your guide to pumpkin patches in Amarillo for 2021.

If more pop up, we'll be sure to get them added to the list.

Maxwell's Pumpkin Farm

Orange corn maze sign with directional arrow

Maxwell's is a very popular family destination this time of year. They always have a lot to keep the kids entertained, and honestly it's a good time for the whole family.

Their season kicks off September 18 according to their ticket pricing page.

There's a new low ropes course this year, and a new barnyard bouncer. Of course there will be all of the attractions and activities that most of us know, and most of our kids love.

You can find out more by following this link.

Gee Family's Fall Daze

Corn maze

Fall Daze happens at Gee's Family Gourmet Sweet Corn Farm. They have a lot lined up for the 2021 season. It will run every Saturday in the month of October.

One of the most interesting additions is a trail through the corn showcasing the different types they grow. This was done for family's who have kids that may not be old enough to tackle the corn maze.

They have more than one maze to enjoy, hayrides, corn shucking, hay slides, hay tunnels, and a lot of other activities. For the price of admission, it sounds like you get a whole lot for your money.

Follow this link to get more information.

Howard Farms Amarillo Pumpkin Patch


The Howard Farms Amarillo Pumpkin Patch will be at 45th and Teckla this year. Their pumpkins are fresh from the farm in Clarendon.

They're advertising great fall photo ops, food trucks, and great prices. If you're primarily looking for a good spot to grab a pumpkin, this might be the trip for you to take.

You can keep up with Howard Farms Amarillo Pumpkin Patch by following this link to their Facebook page.

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