They will tell you "who was the greatest basket ball player ever" or the most amazing story you will ever here. This is what drunk people in Amarillo talk about.

There has to be at least one bartender who has taken the time to write a book about all the stories they have heard during their time waiting a bar.

Some people believe they have the best conversations on a Friday night sitting at bar with their friends. After a few drinks, things are more clearer and the answer to the worlds problems can be solved over just a few shots.

In reality you sound like a complete moron that is trying to finish a thought while slurring your words all over the place.

According to a survey done by a bunch of bartenders, here are the things we talk about the most after a night of drinking.

1. Old Memories

2. Something random

3. TV Shows

4. Funny Stories

5. Gossip

6. The News

7. Movies

8. Music

9. Jokes

10. Sports


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