It's hard to imagine Nashville stars Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere will pursue anything but acting moving forward, but several other cast members have options as they search for work.

Future photographers, writers and (of course) musicians could be born from four seasons of the ABC drama. Some of the stars recently talked about the possibilities.

Lennon Stella plays Maddie Conrad, daughter to Britton's Rayna James. ToC staff joins a nation in being hopeful and grateful for any Lennon & Maisy music in the future, but the older Stella sister says her favorite hobby is photography.

"Maisy always makes fun of me, she’s like, ‘Your whole life consumes of taking pictures,’" the 16-year-old says. "I completely adore it, I love taking pictures and editing them and posting them (on Instagram). I love it."

Lennon is still in school, so part of her time will be accounted for for a few more years. Actress Aubrey Peebles may consider going back to school, too. The woman behind Layla Grant previously deferred going to Harvard twice! If she decides to finally go to college, she says she wouldn't study acting.

"I don’t think Harvard has an undergraduate journalism program, but they have a very large create your own major program and I’d like to do something kind of leaning towards that, because I’ve always loved editing and writing," Peebles, an accomplished blues musician, says. "So I kind of just wanna go and learn about a bunch of random things that I’m interested in and then maybe, I would probably get a degree in something as close to journalism as possible because that’s another love of mine.”

Real life may imitate art for Jonathan Jackson, who plays Avery Barkley on Nashville. His character is a musician who has begun to get into producing records. That's where Jackson hopes his future lies, as well — although he's not giving up on big or small screen work.

“I’ve produced a lot of my own music over the years with my band E Nation, so most of it has been in context of songs that I’ve written and arranging with the band and everything," he says. "It would be really interesting to be in the room with someone else’s music and try to bring that to life.”

Finally, Charles Esten admits he'd like to pursue more comedy after his time as Deacon Claybourne on Nashville comes to an end. He may finally have time to release a full album, something he's been somewhat hesitant to do.

"I also want to do a lot of writing here in town, and having said that, making my own music and stepping up to the plate and finally putting something out, that’s a little bit daunting," the actor says at the Big Machine Label Group website. "For years I’ve been able to say other people’s words, sing other people’s songs, say it the way they directed me. So when you do make an album, it’s a little bit like, here I am, this is me, this is what I want to put out. But it’s time to move forward on that."

The show's other major star is the city of Nashville, which will no doubt attract interest from television producers moving forward. While Music City is the hub for country music, the art scene is a true collective of genres, styles and mediums. The ABC drama was the second network show called Nashville. Could a third be just a few years away?

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