Two years ago today Rolling Stone world debuted William Clark Green's "Ringling Road." The murder-mayhem-thriller is a cinematic masterpiece, especially when compared to what we've come to expect from music videos here in the Texas scene. But after watching it, was anyone else wondering "who in the hell is that mischievous circus clown?"

Well, you weren't alone. And there's a good reason.


It's Josh Abbott.

The music video, it turns out, was co-produced by Abbott, who not only starred in it as the circus clown, he was the one who pitched the idea to Green for the plot-twist and murder-turned-kidnapping story line.

We wanted to hit a couple of levels," Green says. "We wanted it creepy, but also just dark. The whole idea of the song is what goes on at a circus or a carnival after everyone leaves, and what happens is basically everyone gets pretty f----d up.

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