Caylee Hammack's debut single, "Family Tree," introduced the up-and-comer as a soulful vocal powerhouse with her own distinct perspective on music and life. The Ellaville, Ga., native wanted to make sure her introduction to her country music fanbase showed fans exactly who she was, which is why the song goes into every quirky detail of her upbringing and home life with her family.

Since making her musical debut, Hammack has captured the hearts of country music fans, even netting a spot on Lanco's 2019 Hallelujah Nights Tour. In 2020, she's opening for Reba McEntire and fellow Georgia native Luke Bryan.

"I'm excited to be the first of three. I'm excited to be that tiny little set [when] you get to warm up the crowd that's not there for you," Hammack admits of being asked to join big-time tours. "It's part of all the trials and tribulations that you gotta go through."

A full-length album is coming from Hammack, too. Read on to get to know the rising singer.

Caylee Hammack's Live "Family Tree" Performance Really Shows Off Her Style

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