Rumor has it Brad Pitt could play pro baseball if he wanted, will he do it?

Brad Pitt gets everything. Great acting career, the ladies love him and not to mention he is married the the stunning Angelina Jolie. Well now Pitt can check another task off his bucket list if he chooses to do so.

According to his co-star and former San Francisco Giants player Casey Bond "He might have missed his calling in baseball I guess. If acting didn't work out he's pretty good...I think that he's got that in his back pocket if anything."

Bond is Pitts co-star in the upcoming movie Moneyball, where Pitt plays the Oakland A's Manager Billy Beane. Bond told reporters he would take time to participate in batting practice and throwing a few balls around.

No word on if Brad Pitt will give up his A-list acting career for the Major League's. He did have a minor set back with Baseball back in grade school when he took one to the face. Maybe it wouldn't be a good idea to rush into anything.