One critically acclaimed album (Rose Queen), and a couple No. 1 singles, the secret is getting out: William Clark Green is a soon-to-be force to be reckoned with in the Texas scene.

And the Dallas Observer may be his biggest fan. Last summer they named She Likes the Beatles "The Best Song of 2013 so Far," before ultimately crowing it the best of the entire year in December.

William Clark Green, a songwriter from a small town outside of Tyler, Texas, has been performing across the state for years now, and critics and fans in Texas and across the country are starting to take notice.

While the rest of country music let "bro-country" dominate the sound, William Clark Green was building his chops in Lubbock, Texas. Josh Abbott, another Texas country artist that has seen broader mainstream success, helped build a voice that Green had known was inside of him since he was 14 years old. Most people don't think of Lubbock as a really formative place for country artists, and Green kind of hopes that it stays that way.

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