Willie Nelson's doctor may have ordered him to take some extra time off after battling the flu—which resulted in Nelson needing to cancel all his live dates for February—but the 84-year-old singer's camp assured fans that he's actually doing just fine and simply needs to rest his voice a bit more before hitting the road again.

We know, we know—it still sounds a little concerning. However, if one cannot trust Nelson's public relations department, it might be harder to discount a report from Nelson's own son, Lukas, who posted a remarkable photo on social media Feb. 11.

In the shot, the elder Nelson appears to be kickboxing in his garage. And pretty much shredding at it, which is not only awesome for a man of his age, but doubly awesome for anyone of any age who's on the mend from this season's particularly severe flu.

"My dad is a badass," Lukas himself admits. "Resting in Maui and feeling much better, according to him .. thanks to everyone who’s been asking how he is!"

Nelson plans to resume his tour in early March. Similar symptoms have plagued Nelson in recent years. While he continues to travel and tour, he's become more susceptible to breathing issues as he has gotten older; however, it appears that he simply refuses to take health problems lying down!

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