Let’s say you’re at your local lumber yard, buying wood for some sort of home improvement project. You’re feeling like quite a man, because you’re about to do some work with your hands. In walks a woman, completely nude. Bonus, right? Maybe not so much.

When that exact scenario played out in Curtis Lumber in Ballston, NY on Tuesday, thanks to 49-year old exhibitionist Barbara Lafleur, it was just a really awkward among the two-by-fours.

“No one wanted to say much to her,” Curtis Lumber manager Bob Eakin explained. “It’s not a situation you want to be involved in.”

So, having laid the seeds for many jokes involving the word “wood,” but perhaps not getting the desired reaction from Curtis Lumber’s employees and patrons, Lafleur moved on to a nearby ice cream shop. Again her nudity was not embraced, and she was quickly given the boot by the store’s manager.

That’s about when she was arrested and charged with misdemeanor public lewdness, a crime that could net her up to 90 days in jail. According to LaFleuer, she was just exercising her right to “self-expression.”

We’re going to have to take Ballston community and police force to task for their treatment of LaFleuer. Yes, 49-year old boobies aren’t our favorite kind, but with the harsh treatment of this Lady Godiva wannabe, they have diminished the chances we will ever randomly encounter good nudity during a trip to the lumber yard.

Which makes less likely we will ever build that deck we like to talk about.

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