The following list of the worst twist endings in movie history contains SPOILERS. Obviously. But in this case, we consider it an act of public service.

Look, we like good twist endings. Check out our list of the best twist endings for proof of that. When a movie has a good twist — when it’s motivated by the events onscreen, when it fits organically into the plot of the movie, when it explains things about the film that weren’t clear without it — it makes us happy. You want to end your movie on a logical, smart twist? Go for it!

The movies that follow, though, contain the opposite of logical, smart twists. Some are from straight-up crappy movies. But others are pretty good — up until the moment they squander what good will and audience appreciation they’ve accrued with a last-minute, bargain-basement shock. Read on, and discover the 15 worst movie twists we’ve ever seen. We give you our word that we won’t reveal that the whole list was dead all along.

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